Fashion is a common expression, particularly for clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up and hairstyle. While trending in fashion specify time period for a specific fashion which is usually shorter for a season. Time is repeating itself for the fashion industry, revamping of old 80’s trends is a common practice in 2020 on grounds of very famous theory (the 20 years rule). On its basis, in every 20 years, what’s popular now will be popular again, plus or minus.

New Trending in fashion

New fashion trends are mostly based on art movement such as retro and pop art. Dramatic puffy sleeves and polka dots with some creative updates such as adding bright colors and cool textures are again dominating the runway of fashion shows around the world to revitalize the soul of that classic era, classic wrist watches are also very common trend now a days

New trending in fashion also influenced the office attire peoples are preferring the casual dressing such as jeans pants, t-shirts, snickers and cut shoes instead of formal dress pants, shirts, and formal shoes to work comfortably. People prefer casual coat suits with contemporary broaches and other accessories.

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