The Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February across the globe as a celebration of love where people usually shower their love and express their emotions by exchanging gifts such as flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and cards, these gifts are considered essential and insignia of love especially on this particular day but these can also be referred to as the pioneers in the gifts when it comes to Valentine’s Day and your loved ones expect a little more than mere gifts as the twenty first century is the era of the customized and unique gift items which reflect your efforts and the details you note about your closest ones such customized gifts are the most sought for.

Origin of the Valentine’s Day:

It is also known as the day of the Saint Valentine’s. His actual name was Saint Valentinus. Saint Valentinus of Rome is known to perform the weddings of the soldiers who were forbidden to get married. The celebration of the Saint Valentinus Day on the 14th of February was established by Pope Gelasius  in 496 AD an ever since then, it is a celebration of romantic love but in the more recent error it has also started to be a celebration of the platonic love.

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