Easter is a Latin word which is also known as Pascha and the English meaning of Easter is Resurrection Sunday. Easter 2020 is about to come and the date is 12 April Easter is among some of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar because it is the day of rising of Christ from the dead according to their school of thoughts.

How to celebrate Easter 2020

As everyone knows, Easter comes on Sunday every year so that’s why brands and store who usually are close on Sunday, conducts there operations on Easter to amplify there sales on  that particular day. Christians all over the world celebrate and enjoy Easter by doing special services for church such as playing ethnic music, lighting the candles, decorating the church with flowers and ringing the church bells. Easter parades are also organize by many countries such as Philippines and Spain. Stage performances and dramas are also organize on the story of Easter in  different parts of Europe but specially in Italy to spread awareness about Easter in new generation children in European countries consider the Easter as a chance to get  new cloths, new toys, and chocolates. Easter 2020 will acts as the heel to corona virus wounds especially for the Europe. As the whole continent is badly influenced by the virus. Easter will bring happiness and hope for them.

People all over the world celebrates the Easter by sharing chocolates and gifts to follow the trend. Families go to restaurants to celebrate the day because Easter is a time for family and friends to get together. Food is an important to symbolize that friends and family is that you are care for and grab the coupons cares about you and your money by giving special discounts on restaurant bills and shopping stores which helps you to celebrate Easter 2020

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