Commute has been made so much easier after these on call taxi, peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery. This has made a lot easier for some people to earn and for others to have a safe and sound travelling to their desired destinations. But what to do if everyone wants to earn and want to get in a win-win situation, this is where HyreCar comes handy. Rent a car with HyreCar has made it possible for all to earn and live a happier life.

How to rent a car with HyreCar

Rent a car with HyreCar, this has made a big win-win situation for all whether you are a car owner who wants to earn extra from their car or a driver(and you don’t have a car) who is looking to rent a car, either working with ridesharing services like Uber/Lyft or do deliveries.

There are some simple yet secure ways to follow for rideshare drivers and car owners to make a profitable and beneficial bond for a greater period.

For drivers, Create a hyreCar driver account , find your desired location with the date you want with a wide variety of car owners. You are allowed to make booking for your desired car along with 5 others. This makes it easy for drivers to select their cars and the first car to be approved for booking will be charged. After going some necessary requirements, you will be directed to meet the owner, set a preferred timing and location. Make sure you upload your vehicle documents to your Uber/Lyft accounts as soon as you get them, so that you can start making money immediately after pick up.

For car owners, you are allowed to list your car for all those who wants to rent a car with HyreCar. All you have to do is sign up, list your call with necessary and relevant details like describe your car and upload some clean photos, vehicle registration, and Uber/Lyft inspection documents. You will be notified when someone has requested to book your vehicle. You have to respond to an application in 24 hours of request made as after that it will be expired. Verify the documents, you will also want to make sure that your registration and vehicle inspection documents are up-to-date before you hand over the keys to the driver. To promote safety for all parties, do not hand over the vehicle unless you see the correct insurance document on your dashboard. Before handing over the keys, verify the driver license, check fuel and mileage. For full instructions and details, you may visit the HyreCar website to know all.
There are many happy customers who have rent a car with HyreCar as it is the most simple yet elegant way to drive through, make deliveries and do whatever you desire.

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