Coronavirus disease 2019 abbreviated as COVID-19 has been spread globally and is declared as a PANDAMIC. The number of people effected by coronavirus is 392,713 with 17,150 deaths and more 12,183 people are in critical situation. Coronavirus affecting fashion industries; it is having an extreme negative impact on worldwide brands. Started in the middle of Paris Fashion week, many brands and fashion design houses has to close their windows. The fashion gurus, editors, influencers who visited MILAN got notifications of self-quarantine.

Major Stores like Giorgio Armani had to postpone their April journey show to November. Versace and Gucci each dropped US shows got ready for May, while Prada has dropped its May resort appear, which was set to occur in Japan. Major events like MET GALA, CFDA awards has been postponed till further notices. New York Govt decided to shut down night clubs, bars, restaurant, gyms and many other business till further notice. Fashion models and big acting names like Idris Alba, Tom Hanks are confirmed positive for Coronavirus.

Alongside coronavirus affecting fashion industries, sports has been a massive hunt of coronavirus as well. All UK racing has been suspended until the end of April. Whereas mega fifa event euro 2020 cup is not euro 2021 and will take place next summer. Golf matches and leagues has either been cancelled or rescheduled. Mega cricketing events like PSL had to postpone their remaining play off matches, IPL has been rescheduled completely. Famous footballers have also been tested positive of COVID-19 like Paulo Dybala and Blaise Matuidi and more.

As Coronavirus affecting fashion industries is serious and real, online shopping and world trade has also been affected on a greater scale. People are afraid to go out for shopping. Where the economy is down and more self-isolations and quarantines, it has become difficult for people to go out and shop. For this, it may get a little helpful for people to have a good hand of discounted shopping for stuff which are necessary like hand sanitizers, medical kits and appliances and much more at this hyped time.