In today’s competitive markets there are hundreds of sauna brands out there but Finnmark is the best of them. Finnmark is proud to be the UK’s sole distributors of top sauna products and distribute and work with the only best vendors. Finnmark also provide consultancy if you are looking for a complete sauna facility, sauna equipment or heaters for a self-construction sauna project, or just need some guidance on how to properly build a sauna and educating the peoples about the health benefits of sauna bath.

Finnmark Sauna products

Finnmark Sauna provide the best 360 service in establishing sauna rooms with the help of range of distribution network, Sauna products and collaborations with other companies and vendors this is why sauna from Finland recommend Finnmark Sauna in the article on their website

DESIGNS & INSTALLATION: Finnmark Sauna provides special sauna design and installation service that is highly customized. Finnmark Sauna Incorporate traditional Finnish sauna construction and design concepts such as proper ventilation, insulation and vapor sealing, modern sauna design techniques, using state-of-the-art CAD and virtual reality to help costumers build their dream sauna to see just what it would feel like before its build

Sauna cabins: Finnmark Sauna have made an ambitious search to find the best sauna cabin company in the world such as Narvi, Aito and Kota who also manufacture other Sauna products In Puumanni, these are the sauna and log cabin building firms based in Paltamo near the Arctic Circle in Finland, they have found that these sauna cabin builder take the absolute price in the consistency of their work and in creativity to ensure the best of their cabins.

Electric Sauna heaters: Finnmark is the supreme importer of electric sauna heaters from Narvi, Aito and Kota. Finnmark only sell authentic Finnish-made sauna heaters with market-leading build quality in line with the Finnmark Endurance ethic, which are labelled CE and carry the Finnish ‘key flag’ symbol. The ‘Key Flag’ is awarded for genuinely Finnish products.

Sauna accessories: Finnmark Sauna offers a wide variety of top-class products to make your sauna experience even better.

These are some of the best Sauna products collected by Finnmark Sauna to expend their distribution network and to enhance the costumer experience

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