While Christmas can be about meeting friends and family for some or thrilling vacation for the rest. Some just wait for Christmas to avail the Christmas sales, discounts, and free shipping. Here are a few things which we have been doing every year but let’s take a look at these from a new perspective.

Greet Everyone with Merry Christmas with the Christmas Sales:

Now, this may sound like an odd one on this list since we all do that. But do we make an effort to greet everyone at Christmas? Do we wish our old friends and relatives? Or do we just post one general status or story on social media? Make a little effort and hit the inboxes of your friends and, oh boy, doesn’t it just feel great to get in touch with old fellows and just indulge in a little chat?

Do you remember your childhood days and the excitement of shopping Christmas cards and distribute those amongst your friends? Wasn’t that the best feeling to come across? So just become a little old school and rejoice by sending those Christmas cards again. You can opt for the e-cards without any hassle.

Spend Time with Family and Friends with christmas sales:

Click a family photo together because it isn’t often to have the whole family under one roof. Go retro and play board games with them. Bake cookies with them or decorate the gingerbread house. Buy them some presents and those need not be expensive but just memorable. Sleepwear can be a novel and cute gift idea since it will remind your loved about you every night. Debenhams sells cute yet reasonable sleepwear that too at 30% off for Christmas.

Be Creative with the Christmas Decorations and Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Now it just seems like history when each ornament for the decoration of the Christmas tree was purchased for such expensive prices. You can scroll through the Christmas discounts and coupons at Grab the Coupons or even avail free shipping on most of the brands. Believe me, I did most of my Christmas shopping with these coupons. And another cool idea is to create those decorations on your own because it is the era of DIYs (Do it Yourself) and show your creative skills to friends and family.

Be the Santa:

Weren’t we always mesmerized by the homecoming of Santa? Santa used to be our favorite character but probably it is time to be Santa for the others-their favorite character! There are many homeless people out there and their Christmas isn’t as merry as ours. Let’s just be Santa for their Christmas. Donate your clothes and toys and involve your friends in this as well!